Can you please give us a brief outline of how you got where you are with modelling in Bali — when did the career take off for you? Tell us your story!

Ive been modeling for quite sometime, 7-8 years i believe. But my career really took off about 4 years ago when i actually started seeing it as a job. Now i am very fortunate enough to work in bali with more international brands !



Favourite part of working as a model in Bali?

Getting to travel around the island, working with international brands and making new friends. Honestly I cant pick.


ic: Photo via @llara17


What’s your go-to outfit to wear at a casting in Bali?

Basic jeans/black shorts, tank top, white sneakers !



What advice would you give for becoming a model in Bali?

Be confident and put yourself out there! There are so many competitions here, it can get intimidating but its worth it trust me.



ic: Photo via @llara17



What would be your dream brand campaign to work for?

FENDI. if i can make it to FENDI. i would die



What does a typical 'day in the life' in Bali look like for you?

A work day and a work free day can be different. When i'm off I wake up around 7 I do my gratitude, make a smoothie go to the beach with my dogs, have a coconut (even breakfast sometimes) I come home to exercise or clean, do some errands and some other work. Sometimes i go for sunset, come home cook dinner, plan the next day and finally wind down back to dreamlandWork day can be unpredictable. I can sometimes wake up at 4 in the morning cause clients want sunrise, or I can even start working midday. Sometimes my shoot can last for only 2-4 hours sometimes it can last for 8-12 hours. In that case, I come home late at night, have tea, shower and go to sleep as soon as possible


ic: Photo via @llara17


You’ve got carry on luggage only— tell us about the staple outfits, accessories / beauty products you are packing?

outfit : regular blue jeans, black jeans, white trouser, tanktops, white t-shirt, a button up shirt, black heels. accessories : rings and earings (always)




What are you most looking forward to this year?

I'm really hoping to get to bigger brands and or join a big agency. I'm working on a brand myself which is my first one ever, I hope that works out well. Personally i want to be more optimistic, not be as lazy and pay attention to the others around me more. 



Thanks so much for this catch up, as a parting word can you give some advice to anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps to modelling in Bali?

Be optimistic, don't let other peoples judgment get to you. Everyone will judge you in some kind of form. Always keep your head up , look forward but stay humble. Don't let popularity get in your way of being a nice person



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