Last month the Black Lives Matter wave sparked conversations about systemic racism across the globe, but just because it's not 'trending' on your insta-feed anymore, a system that has been working to put black people at a disadvantage for 400+ years will not go away from protesting for two weeks and uploading a black square to your feed. 

Black lives still matter, the fight is not over and it's time to self-reflect how you are incorporating making that difference into your daily life. 

Gaining a source of inspiration is one of the best parts about Instagram. This world will not move without black creativity. If your feed is saturated with influencers with the same skin colour as you, who look exactly like you, sadly you're doing it wrong. Social media platforms are the perfect opportunity to discover and connect with others from a varied background that are different from you.

To recognise some incredible international women, today we are highlighting our list of badass influencers that are doing incredible inspiring work right now and you'll want to hit follow on them ASAP:


1. @Dijok

2. @Audrey.kano

3. @Prettyjayy

4. @Elahlorde

5. @Taylu_me

6. @Brenna_anastasia

7. @Dinadenoire

8. @Narahbaptista

9. @Jaydepierce

10. @_Niamarie_