Vanity Island Magazine is a Fashion Aggregator site that brings together the widest inventory of trending style and beauty online whilst driving thousands of orders per month to partnering brands.


Our platform the first-of-its-kind digital discovery publication where fashion, travel and beauty lovers are able to source an outfit worn by their favourite public figure— an influencer, or celeb through our carefully curated shopping experience.
By collaborating with us and taking advantage of our website features, brands can tap into our established audience base, optimize their online visibility, and benefit from the convenience and effectiveness of the "tap to shop" feature we offer.
Our platform serves as a powerful tool to showcase your products to a targeted audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.




89% of Vanity Island Magazine traffic is organic and comes directly from Google searches.

On average, across social media and online readers, Vanity Island Magazine reaches hundreds of thousands of people monthly worldwide.

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