Bianca Ella Booth rose to insta-fame all the way back in the good old Tumblr days (the nostalgia is real- take us back). Her body, booty and overall aesthetic was just insane. It's safe to say she will always be our O.G Aussie girl-crush.

ic: Image By Bianca Ella Booth

It only made sense that one of the only positives to come out of 2020 had to be the empire-building model finally releasing a tell-all.

Now, we're not talking about her past connections with the likes of LA influencers such as Jay Alvarrez, the story behind her swimwear line Two Wolves, or some mediocre workout routine. The LA-based influencer has released a bible

You heard that right, a bible.

ic: We Weren't Joking. Image By @BzBible

This is not your average guide published by an unknown insta-model that has likely face-tuned her booty and drawn on some abs with a contour stick to make some fast cash. Bianca boasts over 1 million followers and has been known in the online space for her naturally grown #bodygoals alongside sister Alanna for years, both keeping their secret very close to their chest.

ic: @Biancaellabooth

So of course, when Bianca announced her virtual fitness and wellness training "BZ Bible" we could already hear girls cheering from the rooftops. For the affordable price of $19.99 a month, I think we can agree that it's more of an investment.

ic: @Biancaellabooth

Bianca shares with us: "For the first time ever, I'm sharing my platform and revealing my easy does it in-home workout program and overall one-stop shop for all things wellness where you will be able to find a series of tips on all things health.

We've only been waiting around five years, but it's fine, we're fine.

ic: @bzbible

Bianca talks regularly about her fasting techniques that have improved her metabolism and metabolic health, in a recent chat with the star, she shares: "The BZ Bible is not only an exercise program but rather everything I believe that goes in with having a healthy body

"Bloating, acne-fighting food, immune-boosting food, plant-based protein, weekly shopping lists and lots of recipes are involved"

Acne-fighting food?! Sign me up.

She continues: "I will be sharing my personal programs that can help sculpt your ideal body leaving you feeling happier and healthier than ever before. If you’re serious about shaping that body then I’m here to make you sweat."

ic: Image By @BZBIBLE

We're seriously vibing to the 90's aesthetic mood Bianca is posting as the theme behind the Bz Bible account. Even international influencer and model Kinsey Golden has shown her support by recently posting a recorded workout on her stories using the latest fitness holy grail.

ic: @kinseygolden

You know where to find us. 

You can find Bianca across social media using @biancaellabooth , sign up to BZ Bible today at

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