We're always looking for new ways to style our hair, or even better, tips on how to get healthy hair and keep it shiny. *Pours coconut oil over our entire life*

Incase you haven't noticed, fashion blogger turned hair influencer Anisa Sojka has been breaking the internet lately with countless hairstyle inspiration videos going viral across the 'gram.


Keep reading to discover how to get your hair perfect and instagram-worthy — no filter needed.



ic: cr: @anisasojka

Anisa was born and raised in Gambia, West Africa and moved to the UK in 2013 to pursue a master’s degree in Strategic Fashion Marketing. It was around this time, she began her career as a fashion influencer by posting #OOTD inspo' on social media. Anisa now holds over two hundred thousand followers on Instagram (#goals) who are her biggest fans when it comes to praising her countless collection of hair inspiration videos.

They just keep coming, and we are not getting bored of them anytime soon. 

ic: cr @anisasojka

Now known as the queen of hair amongst many of the influencer beauty community, it's clear the blogger has found her feet in the influencer industry.


Yet, new followers may be surprised to learn that Anisa, in fact, comes from a huge background in the fashion blogger world. 


From landing features in fashion magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire for her impeccable street style, to working with brands like Christian Dior and Tiffany and Co. Take one peak at the press area of her blog, and you'll be super impressed.



Just a matter of months since becoming the hairstyle influencer we now know and love her as, Anisa debuted her own three hairstyle videos with women's magazine empire Grazia, and today, we'll be spilling the T on her best kept hair secrets.



Seriously though, not even our airbrush app delivers such glow.

ic: cr: @anisasojka 

The blogger admitted in her recent interview with Grazia that she swears by Kerastase and is currently using the Chronologiste range to give her hair strength, shine and softness.

She goes on to say that during the summer, she uses their Genesis range and Bain Resistance during the spring. Yep, that's definitely our wake up call to finally call it a day with the good old Loreal Elvive we've been using for 5 years straight.



Many of Anisa's instagram fans are up in her DM's daily questioning how she maintains her healthy hair. I mean, one can only assume that using curling and straightening irons can do more damage than good — yet Anisa's hair still manages to look like something straight out of a princess movie. 

ic: cr: @anisasojka

Lets take a look at Anisa's top tips for natural healthy hair:


1. Wash it once a week. Music to our ears — we already do that, but probably because we're a little lazy. Not because we knew that not washing actually encourages our natural oils to nourish our hair. Now we have an even better excuse.

2. Always use protection. Yep, just like other aspects of your life that may need protection, so does your oh-so-precious hair. Before applying a hot iron raw onto those golden locks, make sure to first lather it with a hair protection spray.

3. Maintenance is key! Get your split ends trimmed regularly. Those dreaded words we all hate hearing because we could swear it isn't true. I mean, if Becky didn't cut her hair for 3 years and grew it down to her butt, why can't I?

4. Avoid using dry shampoo and hair spray. This one hit us right in the feels, possibly because we're still hair-spraying our face to set our makeup. 

5. Health is wealth! Ensure you get the essential nutrients in your diet like proteins, biotins, zinc, iron, and drink lots of water. We stan a healthy queen!


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