Australian fitness mother of two: Tammy Hembrow, known for her naturally grown booty goals and those iconic pregnancy selfies, has announced a brand new 8-week challenge to drop on her app TammyFit, and she's going to be doing it right by your side.

ic: How Is This Possible? Image By @TammyHembrow

If you're looking for an excuse to start getting into shape before summer, take this as a sign from the universe.

The Tammyfit app consists of four programs: Gym/Booty Version 1, Gym/Booty Version 2, Home-body and Gym full-body. Alongside some upper body/ HIIT and ab workouts, meal plans and grocery lists.

Essentially, everything you need.

With the app remaining widely appreciated throughout the fitness community, it's the perfect solution to getting stronger and building a bangin' booty.

Tammy revealed the news to followers via Instagram:

"Excited to announce a new TammyFit 8 week challenge !! I have been wanting to one for so long & cannot waittt to be doing it with u guys ! We have some bomb prizes & giveaways throughout the challenge so keep an eye out for the sign up & start date!! We’ll also be donating to some amazing charities so not only will you be getting fit as fck but we will be giving back to those in need at the same time. YOU READYYYY?"

Anyone else suddenly feeling hype-af after reading that?

We adore anything Hembrows related so Tammy's recent posting-a-selfie-a-day is certainly keeping our obsession at bay while we sit refreshing our feed waiting for the start date.