British influencer royalty Molly-Mae recently announced her collaboration with Starbucks — a complete first for the brands expansion into influencer marketing, and we couldn't think of a better fit for the campaign than Molly!


As long term followers ourselves, we're no stranger to Molly Mae's lowkey obsession with Starbucks — in fact, ever wondered about Molly Mae Hague's go-to Starbucks order?


Try one of Molly's Starbucks favourites aka the Soya Iced Chai Tea Latte (with half the amount of chai) 



Speaking on the campaign, Molly-Mae shares:


"All I can say is that I've landed myself my dream job, this is huge, one of the biggest collabs I've ever done. Everything happens for a reason. I really wanted this other job and was so upset because it didn't go ahead, and I know this one with Starbucks came along because the other one didn't happen. I wouldn't have been able to do this collaboration if the other job went ahead, because it was scheduled for the same days. God works in mysterious ways."



Shop Molly-Mae inspired outfits from the Starbucks campaign below!  

ic: Image by @MollyMae


ic: Image By @MollyMae