Jet setting for a living with your best friend sounds like the ultimate dream — and that's the reality for young lovers Kinsey and Trav who have been documenting their journey working as a content-capturing duo for various brands and businesses over the past couple of years, taking them from Bali to New York, the Maldives and everywhere in between. 


 ic: Image by @kinseygolden // @travspringer


Intrigued by their secret to their long-lasting relationship, we tracked down Kinsey & Travis for a chat to find out a little more about life behind the feed:


Where is home for you, what is your story on meeting each other?

We really are each other’s home. It sounds silly, but we can be anywhere in the world but when we are together that’s the most at home we feel. We actually met in Bali, Indonesia. We both went for a job and we loved working together, I remember when my mom told me you’ll know when you found that special person...boy was she right! It was Trav for me.


What does life look like for you both away from the cameras?

We always joke about how we need a Tv show. We don’t really change, to be honest, we keep our relationship super fun and always are doing something! We have a huge thing about not giving our fans a false look at how a relationship HAS TO BE, we like to keep our content real and raw. 


What does a typical day in the life look like for you when you're together? 


First, lots and Lots of cuddling. Travers is a super busy bee, he loves being busy so I love to feel inspired by him. First thing we do every morning is have our coffee then brainstorm what to do. We have a great balance off each other, he encourages me to work and stay motivated while I calm him.

Your favourite place to travel together and why?


Definitely Maldives, you can ask us the same question separately and we would say the same thing. The Maldives has a magic to it, pictures don’t need any filters it’s so beautiful. We had such a beautiful trip there. We made a pact to enjoy the experience and not work, so we just soaked in every moment together. 


A strange fact your followers might not know about your relationship?


Oh, this is such a good question! A lot of people don’t know this but we’ve actually been together for 2.5 years. The cool thing, we have NEVER been a night apart. It’s crazy! Every day we’ve been together for that long! We can’t get enough of each other. 
ic: Image by @kinseygolden // @travspringer

What can you both not live without?

Our Dogs. Plain and simple! We have an obsession with them and obviously each other.


What’s your unique aesthetic style on Instagram- How do you achieve it?

I have a lot of inspiration, I’m attracted to film always have been I like the look of it. I try to incorporate all my work with film. I think my aesthetic comes from how I see the world, I love simplicity and edge. I try not to take social media seriously, so when I post it’s of genuine things I like or photos I love. I think to post whatever the hell you want really, share art, share what makes you happy! 

ic: Image by @kinseygolden // @travspringer

Where do you see your relationship in 5 years?

Well, good question. We have some exciting news soon to announce. Let’s just say we see ourselves happier than ever. 

You can find the pair across social media using @KinseyGolden & @TravSpringer

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