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♡ Is Dose & Co Collagen Good For You?
♡ What is Collagen?
♡ How Does Dose & Co Taste?
♡ Is Dose & Co Vegetarian?

♡ Dose & Co Pros & Cons
♡ Is Dose & Co Worth The Hype?
♡ Before and After Selfie with Dose & Co
♡ Where To Buy Dose & Co?




The Dose & Co Collagen Creamer Review

Introducing Dose & Co, the beauty brand born in New Zealand and recently invested into by no other than reality TV royalty: Khloe Kardashian. 


I've seen collagen mentioned by beauty enthusiasts and models alike in the past, but never enough that I felt obliged to go out and purchase some of my own.


After all, when I'm still being told I look like an early twenties college student by the local barista, ageing hasn't been something to cross my mind.  


But,  something about these perfectly packaged Collagen Creamers I noticed lined up in a grocery store aisle caught my attention.


Aaaand within a few days, they were now trending all over the internet. 


I couldn't resist being the skeptic I am, trying out the brand for myself to see if they truly were the real deal or if they were just another brand being endorsed by beauty guru's.


ic: Via Dose&Co



Is Dose & Co Collagen Good For You, What is Collagen? 


Collagen has many important functions to know about, and it's the next best kept secret in promoting skin that glows, hair that shines, and nails that are strong. 


By our mid-20s, our collagen production starts to drop steadily, and that's when you may begin to notice the first signs of ageing— aka, a fine line appearing out of nowhere.


Although my own collagen production had been holding up pretty well to now, that's still not a risk I'm *emotionally* ready to take. 


The Dose & Co supplements contain the most prevalent collagen types within our body. Better yet, they also stimulate glycin production, which is the amino acid that helps build muscles and burn fat. So with each 10,000mg of collagen per serving, you can be sure they’re highly effective. 


Here's some of the key benefits of taking collagen supplements:


  • Keeping the skin look youthful and smooth
  • Preventing early ageing signs
  • Hydrating the skin
  • Reducing acne inflammation
  • Improving hair and nail health
  • Promoting gut health and boosting metabolism



How Does Dose & Co Taste?


I’ve finished my first tub of the Dairy Free Caramel Collagen Powder, and as a self-confessed sweet tooth, I can totally vouch for this flavour. 


The caramel and overall sweetness isn't hugely overpowering, but it's enough for it to have some flavour. Plus, I've never had a bad experience with anything involving caramel. 


The plan initially was to add the Collagen Creamer to my daily coffee. But, seen as I couldn't carry the tub with me everywhere I went, I began having it on its own mixed with hot water before bed.


Which turned out to be a simple ritual I now look forward to every evening!


ic: Via Dose&Co


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Is Dose & Co Collagen Vegetarian?


The Dose & Co Collagen Creamer uses type 1 and type 3 which is bovine collagen, and not suitable for vegetarians.


I've been consuming a veggie/vegan diet for 4 years now and this played a huge factor in my decision whether or not I wanted to go ahead and purchase. 


Did I really want to give it all up and turn to supplements to aid my quest in achieving flawless and youthful skin?


Of course I did. Pass me the Dose & Co and a teaspoon, we're about to watch eternal youth unfold!


ic: Via Dose&Co


In all seriousness, I still keep my dairy intake to a minimum thanks to the Dose & Co dairy-free range. And with their brand being sustainably sourced/100% plastic free, feeling guilty didn't last long.



Dose & Co Pros and Cons?


  • Easy to incorporate into my daily routine
  • Actually tastes amazing! (was my biggest fear)
  • Noticeable differences  



  • Not a travel friendly packaging




Shop Dose & Co at Look Fantastic





Is Dose & Co Worth The Hype?


Let's check out Stephanie’s #28DaysOfGlow Results!


Changes in Skin:


In terms of skin, my skin is the clearest it's ever been right now, and I definitely noticed my skin tone has become a lot brighter.

Less red marks, and all pimples have vanished. My skin is dewy and plump. Not to mention, goodbye dark circles!

But can I simply put all of that down to Dose & Co?

Speaking as someone that has suffered with acne, I do believe healthy habits such as a good skincare routine, balanced diet and water intake have worked in conjunction together with the collagen supplements. I've probably had 1-2 pimples that I can count in the last month, which is something I never thought I'd be able to say!


Either way, if it's preventing wrinkles from even forming — I'm all for it.

Also can we talk about my eyelashes for a second.

Before photo: thin mascara-overloaded lashes

After photo: hello beautiful long natural eyelashes!


Changes in Hair:


I was a gymnast for 10 years of my childhood which meant always having my hair scraped back super tight.

With this, I lost a lot of the hairs around the front of my scalp, and growing older (despite now rocking rapunzel hair that is reaching down to my butt) it's always made me a little insecure about having my hair tied back in public. 

When I started taking Dose & Co I noticed a massive change in this area of my scalp. They're now covered by these adorable baby hairs that appeared out of nowhere



Changes in Nails:

My nails grow so fast lately! But like, ridiculously fast that I can't keep up with my mani to share a nail-selfie right now. I always thought the whole 'Hair, skin and nails' supplements were a fad, but my nails are 100% stronger since taking collagen. 


Where can you buy Dose & Co?

Shop Dose & Co at Look Fantastic


Tap to Shop Dose & Co Dairy Free Collagen Creamer Caramel


Tap to Shop Dose & Co Collagen Creamer Vanilla

Tap to Shop Dose & Co Unflavoured Pure Collagen


Is Dose & Co Worth The Hype? YES!


With almost 4,000 five-star reviews, there’s a reason why Dose & Co has become a staple in many people’s diets. Dose & Co products are proven to be effective and most importantly, everyone notice results within merely one week of regular consumption. Including myself! We can safely say this one is #VanityIslandApproved.

Looking for the entire Dose & Co Collagen range? 


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