Did you know that 60% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream? That’s why investing in clean beauty products is such an important factor when deciding on new skincare.


This week, we've teamed up with Fablab this week to introduce you to their newest Fabmud mask, formed with wow-factor ingredient:

Rare New Zealand Glacial clay.

Keep reading as beauty editor Stephanie reviews Fablab's Fabmud Mask.  

The Fabmud Mask Review


I've always been a bit of a mask girl myself. Part of my weekly routine usually involves picking up a sheet mask at some point. It's easy, it's quick — but in hindsight, the costs of a single use product really do soon add up.


The Fabmud mask is cruelty free, 100% vegan, and has been designed as a multifunctional 2-in-1 mask and exfoliator — which is amazing if you're looking to reduce steps in your skincare routine. 


Fablab created the Fabmud mask using only the most potent natural extracts, such as NZ Glacial Clay, Tamanu Oil, and Kawakawa Extract which are incredibly nourishing for the skin, and have been used for their healing properties for years.


What I love about the brand is that they consciously omit any ingredients that might harm you or the environment. Right down to the packaging!


The Fabmud Mask uses luxurious ceramic packaging that you can repurpose, and it doesn’t end up in the landfill and polluting Earth.


Their formula is also backed up with powerhouse ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which will always give us the beautiful, glowing skin we deserve.



Does The FabMud Mask Actually Work?

Fabmud is made for targeting all skin types, but hearing that it was proven to be a game changer for battling breakouts, I couldn't wait to try it.


For a product that arrives in bright bold packaging and glides onto the skin to create this luminous greenish-blue facial mask —I was pleasantly surprised to read that the products were fragrance free which is perfect for my problematic skin. Yet somehow, it still smells earthy from all the natural minerals which I love, and the texture is super silky and dreamy.  



The timing of this facemask arriving was perfect, mostly because I had recently formed a huge pimple on my right cheek out of nowhere (you know, those ones).



It was a super easy application process, and a small amount of product surprisingly went a long way. 


What I loved about using this detoxifying face mask is that I could feel the results right away. From the cooling sensation of applying it, to when I washed the mask off and these tiny pumice particles gently exfoliated the skin, leaving it feeling freshly-cleansed and soft to touch as if I had just walked out of the spa — winning!


When I woke up the next day I realised my once red and raging pimple was now visibly reduced and my skin was less agitated. Fast forward a few days later, the pimple is completely gone with no left over redness or marks.


Fabmud Mask Pros and Cons?



  • I love that its a 2 in 1! It's my go-to mask atm .
  • Leaves my skin looking/feeling instantly smooth
  • Skin feels healthier after every use!



  • If you're an avid mask user like me, the mask is only 60g + may not last you long. I've used it three times now, and noticed my tub going down! 
  • The silicon brush made it a little difficult to spread product in certain areas, I found it easier to use my fingers instead.



Do we recommend the Fabmud Mask?

ic: Vanity Island HQ ladies testing out Fablab

Our experience so far is that Fablab certainly does exactly what it claims, and alike many others — we were blown away from the first use that drastically improved the skin’s appearance. It's definitely #VanityIslandApproved!


If you head over to their website or Instagram, you'll see dozens of glowing reviews rolling in every day. And it's notably loved by the skincare and beauty connoisseurs aka influencers.


Where to buy Fablab Skin Products?

ic: via @FablabOfficial

Hopefully one day you'll be able to pop into your local Sephora or Mecca to pick up these jars of goodness. But for now, you can find the new Fabmud mask from Fablab available to purchase via their website, where they offer FREE shipping, Afterpay + Zip Pay.

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