We all want to have that perfect insta-babe bronze glow during the summer.


Everything is better with a tan: our outfit, our selfies, our confidence. But is it possible to achieve a real dark tan naturally and quickly?



Keep scrollin' for our Vanity-approved tanning oil you need to get a dark golden tan fast!


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How to Get a Dark Tan Fast

When it comes to getting dark fast, there is no better option than a tanning oil, as oils attract and focus UV rays straight onto the skin.


Oftentimes, us gals will spend hours in the sun to achieve a tan. But let's be real, it's time consuming (and boring) af. And not only that, spending hours baking in the sun is super damaging for our skin. 


The best way to tan and get dark fast requires a little bit of strategy and a hella good tanning oil that works.



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What Tanning Oil Makes You The Darkest


Introducing Brunae Body — an ultra-hydrating, cruelty free, luxurious tanning oil brand that will give you a gorgeous sun-kissed look in no time!


The best solution we found to achieve that ultra dark real tan, has been by using the influencer fan-favourite Brunae Body Tanning Oil.



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Tan with Melanin Boosting Technology 


Their tanning oil maximises a darker tan much faster than other tanning oils out there, as its unique formula stimulates the body to produce more melanin resulting in a darker tan.


So with just a small amount of exposure, you will have a beautiful bronze tan that will last.


Not only does the natural melanin boosting technology help you get the darkness you desire, but with it's accelerating process, it will keep you out the sun for long periods of time!


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Best Tanning Oil to Get Dark Fast Australia— Brunae Body Review


I've been trying out Brunae Body for a couple of months now— I typically find it hard to tan, as I don't enjoy cooking in the sun for long periods of time. I also have naturally lighter skin so I don't tan fast, it's just never been an enjoyable experience for me.


However, Brunae Body has become my go-to tanning oil living here in Bali, especially for the mornings I spend poolside with a cold coconut in hand.


I usually notice colour change in my skin within 30 minutes, it definitely lives up to their name of fast tanning. 




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The thing I absolutely love about this tanning oil, is that it allows me to spend less time in the sun, and more time in the comfort of my AC!


My skin feels dewy and glossy after tanning, and I carry around a noticeable natural golden glow for the rest of the day.


It’s everything you really want in a tanning oil— lightweight, hydrating and smells like summer!



Best Tanning Oil to Get Dark Tan Fast


Brunae Body Tanning Oil has been a game-changer for achieving a deep, dark tan fast.

Not only that, but the intoxicating blend of coconut, jojoba, and sweet almond oils are deeply nourishing and condition the skin to make it appear more radiant.



It's good to be aware that whilst Brunae Body tanning oil delivers a beautiful dark tan, their formula doesn't contain SPF so there's no legit sun protection to protect from the suns harmful UV rays.


My favourite way to work around this is by applying a sunscreen first, waiting ten minutes, and topping up with the tanning oil.




If you don’t have the time to spend hours in the sun, Brunae Body Tanning Oil is the way to go— save 15% using our code: VANITY15

Remember to pack your water bottle, your sunnies and SPF too!


This article was made in partnership with Brunae Body