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Your skincare routine is important, but do you know what should be more important?

Your SPF routine.

That’s right — if you want to prevent those fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, you need sunscreen in your routine every. single. day.

SPF is the best anti-aging product on the market, and if you’re looking for an easy to apply sunscreen top up for throughout the day—  the brand new Australian born beauty company Naked Sundays have you covered. 

This week we were kindly gifted their limited edition SPF Glow Bundle. Keep reading to hear exactly what went down when beauty editor Stephanie put the Naked Sundays SPF Glow Mist to the test.

What is Naked Sundays Hydrating Glow Mist?

Firstly, say hello to your new handbag staple! The Naked Sundays Hydrating Glow Mist is an SPF50+ spray you can use barefaced and over your makeup. 

I’m going to be honest — the 'spray it over your makeup' concept, and gorgeous lilac packaging is what completely sold this product to me. 


ic: via @naked_sundays

Living in a city that is footsteps from the beach, I find myself often with a face of makeup for my morning meetings and wandering to the beach for a lie-down by noon.


Being able to regularly re-apply a sunscreen that was kind to my skin with a handy mist-spray when I’m outdoors sounded like the most practical and convenient idea yet. 




Is Naked Sundays SPF Reef Safe / Vegan?

YES! Naked Sundays SPF products contain no oxybenzone, meaning they are not harmful to our oceans + the coral reef. 

The Glow Mist is also cruelty-free, vegan and infused with the perfect ratio of clean, safe ingredients that your skin will certainly thank you for: Hyaluronic acid, Watermelon extract and Kakadu plum which are super hydrating and high in vitamin C + E.


ic: After applying Naked Sundays, I'm here for this glow



Naked Sundays Glow Mist Pros and Cons?


  • This product smells sooo good!
  • No visible white sunscreen residue.
  • Gives a healthy dewy glow.


  • Has a fruity fragrance some people may not like.
  • Unfortunately came with excess plastic stuffed in the box it arrived in. :(





Do we recommend Naked Sundays Hydrating Glow Mist?

I really, really wanted to LOVE this product and wear it as an over-the-makeup SPF. 

But my skin is oily, occasionally problematic and the product just didn’t suit my skin type when having already applied makeup. 

Throughout the day my full face make-up had almost completely come off, and my mascara had given me panda eyes (which is most likely my fault) as I didn’t follow their instructions for covering my eyes whilst applying the mist— I mean duh — so I was left with stinging irritable eyes all day.



Applying Naked Sundays Glow Mist- No Makeup

I didn’t want to give up on the Naked Sundays SPF Glow Mist too quickly, and so the next day I travelled without the makeup for a beach day. 


Barefaced with very minimal makeup this product changed my mind.

It was a win-win.

I applied my usual sunscreen in the morning, and topped up with the Glow Mist throughout the day every couple of hours, avoiding my eye area to prevent yesterdays issues.


ic: my new beach bag essential


Finally! I felt the full benefits of the SPF Glow Mist

It was lightweight, it still smelt incredible especially by the beach with all the tropical vibes in the air, and my bare skin was feeling amazing + protected. 

I loved that it didn’t leave any noticeable white residue, and I could apply it seamlessly without mess or any leftover sunscreen on my fingers — which knowing me, I would rub into my eyes!


Overall it wasn't a great match with full faced makeup for my skin type like I hoped, but without and with minimal makeup I'm all for this product and take it every time I'm out for a beach day!


It's also important to note that there are dozens of incredible 5* reviews from skincare lovers and world renowned beauty/fashion names such as Elle + Marie Clare that swear by this product over makeup.



Where can I buy Naked Sundays Glow Mist?

You can purchase the Naked Sundays SPF50+ Glow Mist over on their website for an affordable A$39.95, be sure to check out their incredible SPF Glow Bundles