Does anyone else just love swimwear shopping? It's a lowkey form of therapy for us- adding to basket and daydreaming about rocking a hot bikini poolside with the girls and a spicy marg in hand.

Since you can't scroll through IG without spotting another swimwear label these days, it's getting seriously hard to find the right one that's actually worth the investment. 

ic: Image by @faragothelabel

ic: Image by @faragothelabel

There's no denying that eco-friendly and sustainable swimwear is fastly becoming a powerful influence in the world of fashion. What’s important is shifting from cute designs to the brands' ethics-- rightly so, and mainly thanks to the many influencers and models who are bringing our attention to environmental issues around the world. 

We're all making more eco-conscious for the future of the planet, especially to lessen the gross amounts of plastic in the ocean. And it just so happens while lurking across the socials earlier this week, we came across:
Farago The Label.

ic: Image by @faragothelabel

ic: Image by @victoria_moll

Maybe the name Farago sounds familiar to you? The brand was founded by Canadian model + influencer Francesca Farago. The self-proclaimed bathing suit obsessed bombshell has shown she is undeniably dedicated to sustainability from the ethical productions and sourcing practices of her swimwear label.

Francesca recently shared: "I've poured my entire heart in Farago The Label, it's been such a rollercoaster but seeing all the tags make me so freakin' happy"

It's quality over quantity for Francesca. Size inclusive, and designed to last years-- not just a season. We're loving these perfect investment pieces you can add to your vacation selfies, and we're convinced heads will definitely be turning in the Juliette sun-soaked one-piece. (shown below)

ic: Image by @carolina_samani

There's a reason the brand already claimed the celebrity stamp of approval; with many insta-famous models being photographed in these bikinis constantly. Not only are the pieces by Farago The Label flattering and designed to flaunt your best features-- they also boast an aesthetic that is simplistic and sexy. Ideal for us itty-bitty girls, and for bigger busts, these designs have summer pool-parties written all over them.

ic: Image by @caseboon // @dangrab

The 100% recyclable swimwear brand built by Farago The Label, has put sustainability at its core, managing their responsible production with an exclusive Brazilian swimwear manufacturer that is Peta-Approved vegan and transforming any leftover fabrics into beds for animals that are later donated to local shelters.

ic: Image by @janinefernando

ic: Image by @jessicayamasaki

The business is clearly standing shoulders above others in terms of environmentally friendly practices, including the use of organic fabrics. You won't find any animal-derived materials like wool and silk here-- Farago The Label pieces have been created using a seamless fabric that is produced with biodegradable nylon to look insanely complimenting on the skin with the overall feel-good factor guaranteed.


You can find Farago The Label across social media using @FaragoTheLabel 

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