They say fashion comes in a full circle, and it’s true… but in 2020 – we’ve seen (almost everything) the return of some 90's trends that we presumed would never make a comeback. All the nostalgia feels are here in full force rn as well-known influencers around the world are putting a fashionable (and low-key sexy) spin on our childhood favourite tv show with the Crochet Care Bear Bikini. 

ic: Image By @TammyHembrow

While probably not the most practical 'kini in the world that we've seen, we will probably skip bringing this one to the waterpark⁠—the tiny crochet design covering only the essential bits with Care Bears is totally set to be this months trending swimwear look, and well, it's perfect for tanning at least. 

Bikini-babe Tammy Hembrow, and British model Lottie Moss wasted no time putting together a selfie in this iconic (expensive af) swim-piece for the 'gram. Knowing these trendsetters were about to send the style viral, one of our editors decided to research where on earth this look came from and all the forefront of the action: 

ic: Image By Lottie Moss

The Care-Bear Bikini was created in three pastel colours by the Italian streetwear label GCDS and costs €248 which is around $400 AUD (wild). And whilst it seems an absurd amount of money to spend on swimwear where it's not written clearly if it’s actually possible to swim in, influencers are proving that it’s still a statement for hanging out poolside regardless.  

Care Bears were a favourite childhood TV show of Giuliano Calza, the designer behind GCDS. He was inspired to create the Care Bear bikini after a trip to Japan: "I was in a little town just outside of Tokyo hunting for vintage toys where I saw this old, faded Care Bears poster with the tagline: 'I guess everybody stopped caring'" he told Vogue Magazine.

“It kind of broke my heart to see my favourite cartoon character thinking he was forgotten as I grew up, so I decided to create this piece to remind myself of my happy moments as a kid in front of the TV watching Care Bears, and to inject a moment of joy into my audience.” 

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