The Athleisure trend is a blend of athletic and leisure, it's essentially sporty with a touch of sass that has re-emerged back in time from the 1980's for another huge movement in fashion. 


We're loving this laidback yet effortlessly put-together vibe.


The revival of this trend was inevitable. It's a closet comfort staple so versatile you can wear it to the gym, around the house, shopping on Oxford St and for brunch dates with your girl gang.


Looking back, it was strange to picture that in 2020 we'd be fitness clothing obsessed. Switching our booty-shaping jeans for some merle-grey joggers, matching them with a waist-snatching bodysuit, some statement sunnies and a cute runched pastel bag ready to go. Maybe even one of the pastel Prada ones if you're feeling boujee.


It's definitely one of our fave street-style trends to date. Strutting in clothing that is classed as sporty and rich yet has the equivalent amount of comfort wearing pyjamas outdoors would. It's seriously a look we can vibe with for the foreseeable future. Can it stick around forever, please


Today we're rounding up where to shop the athleisure worn by influencers this week:


1. Shop @AliceThurley look at PrettyLittleThing



2. Shop @EndlesslyLoveClub look at Jaggerandstone



3. Shop @Hannahorval look at eliteelevensporting



4. Shop @TiaLineker look at SportLuxe



5. Shop @Yasminechanel look at Nike



6. Shop @Tayfave look at asos



7. Shop @Vassallosisters look at @Sistersandseekers


8. Shop @Celmatique look at asos

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