Whether they're strutting the streets or up in the air, influencers and fashion bloggers alike definitely know a thing or two when it comes to stringing together the best travel outfit and giving major airport-style inspiration.

Right now, you are probably doing as we are and spending every waking moment dreaming of white sandy beaches.

Airport outfits are important and dressing for travel is by no means easy, being bound to a plane-seat for long or short-haul flights at the very least needs a comfortable fit. 

Leaving your travel outfit to a last-minute decision could be a huge mistake. The change in climate when you're sat in Sydney departures vs at 35,000 ft and then arriving on an island like Bali is pretty apparent. 

We're not suggesting you need to be dolled up to the nines to catch your next flight, but it definitely makes for a good selfie to show up to the airport in style too

Forever slaying the airport-looks when heading abroad, we've rounded up some of our favourite influencer and fashion blogger travel outfits: 


1. @Natalyawright_x

2. @FreyaKillin

 3. @Katiedasilvaa

4. @Lauraanderson1x

5. @Christinasikalias

6. @Lilyybult

7. @Nikillae

8. @Sydneymaycrouch

9. @Saffronbarker

10. @Nicolehagan_

11. @Millielawrencex

12. @Anjandpri

13. @Ambsphillips

14. @Mais_jo

15. @Tialineker

16. @Foxytrash

17. @Antoniaapostolou

18. @Meriam_kaxuxwen

19. @Maddymk_

20. @Rubyholley_