Please don't bring back Jane Nor bags.


Tammy Girl is back, this week a capsule collection has been relaunched pretty much out of nowhere on ASOS and just like most things that have happened over the last two years, it’s literally sooo random. 


Back in the day, all Y2k babes will know, we were obsessed with Tammy Girl. It was basically the only place to shop at 12 years old — this is way before Primark actually became cool FYI. It was the go-to when you seriously wanted to impress your crush with a sparkly number whilst giving big Regina George vibes.


Think butterfly-print tee's, mini skirts to sparkle hoodies. The reboot is everything you would picture in a Tammy Girl revival I guess— a lot of pink, a lot of prints and of course, some mesh and good old edgy one shouldered crops. 


Personally, I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I hate to say it, but besides a couple of pieces, it's kinda giving tacky vibes. I can appreciate the ~new~ Tammy Girl for nostalgic reasons. But will it last after the hype? I’m not sure.


Either way, the Y2k aesthetic is officially here to stay and we love that for us. 


Keep scrolling to discover Vanity-approved picks from the Tammy Girl X ASOS capsule collection


ic: Who else remembers those high-school pants with the belt

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ic: It's giving fancy dress vibes

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