What is the Vintage Camcorder on TikTok? 

The Pink Camcorder that went viral on TikTok is the cutest accessory you absolutely need for your summer travels.

This 90's-inspired pocket-sized video camera is perfect to document those candid moments in a more retro quality between the posing for the perfect insta-photo.

It may be sold online as a kids toy but it's still a fully functional video recorder that records videos in 1080P HD and has a 12MP camera for stills. 

Give your hot girl summer memories all those vintage feels and shop now on Amazon.


How much is the TikTok Vintage Camcorder?

The vintage-style kids camcorder is under $30 and has hundreds of 5-star reviews, it's totally worth it!





Can you print photos from TikTok Vintage Camcorder?

Yes, of course! The camcorder also comes with a 32gb memory card + USB you can easily export from. 


What Does The Footage Look Like on the Kids Camcorder? 

We found this video from a user, the results are super analog and vintage!



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