★ Somewhere between Australia, Bali and New Zealand, Vanity Island Magazine was born— an influencer hub designed for every 20-something with a lowkey obsession with their fav social media stars and brands that are thriving in the influencer industry. 
★ We've been changing the way you perceive media through positive showbiz news since 2020.
★ We are in the know—  not know it alls. We are a safe space for influencer communities. If we won't say something to the subjects face- then we're not writing it. 
★ These guys and gals are the modern digital celebrity, and we celebrate them by reporting on a variety of their exclusive news, publishing interviews, and forming real relationships within the influencer industry 
★ Our content supports body-positivity and sex-positivity, women's equality, women's right to choose and feminism in and out of the workplace. We embrace everyone of all sizes and ages. We support people to be their best selves, and most of all, we represent a diversity of viewpoints, sexual orientations, race and religions. 
★ Our team work remotely in offices across Australia & New Zealand, and you can get in touch with one of us using our contact email or socials.
★ The branded products we sell on through our Vanity Island collection are shipped from our multiple distribution centres overseas. By eliminating the expensive storage and high Australian warehousing cost we are able to pass these savings onto you. We work extremely close with our suppliers and distribution centres, whilst working on an order-on-demand basis personally with the factory. This structure allows us to minimise the amount of excess inventory we produce, meaning we have a zero mass production scheme and use 30% less energy than traditional retail.