I hate to say it, but I’ve never been a Netflix girl.

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for— it’s snackin’ out in bed, or doing my make-up whilst binge-watching endless short and sweet Youtube vids. 

And if nothing else can save 2020, Isabelle Mathers may have saved mine by getting back on the content-creation train with her Youtube channel and curing this boredom.

I’ve been a stan of this authentic queen since the vlog where Ashton Wood and Isabelle went on a girls trip to Bali. I knew after watching Izzy's performance on the table to Spice Girls, and her being the only gal going absolutely cray at The Lawn Beach Club that we were destined to be BFF.

Not only is she flawless from the inside + out, but she’s also proved to be a natural with the whole camera holding Youtube thing right away. I tried vlogging once, I was a little awkward and—where the hell am I meant to be looking again?

Her first vlog takes us on a ‘day-in-the-life’, and surprisingly— apart from not living in a stunning Gold Coast penthouse with a hot 6’4 BF yet, Isabelle’s glamorous life is still as normal as ours. Like, leaving your phone at home when you drove all the way to the grocery store kind of normal. 

Who would of thought?

Throughout the video, Isabelle comments that it could possibly end up being super boring, but you really can’t go wrong with a little lighthearted content sometimes.

There’s something about watching a supermodel do literally nothing yet it’s still mind-numbingly entertaining. I actually want to see you make your coffee, tidy your house and open your post because if I do it differently maybe I’ll wake up prett—ah sh*t nevermind.

If you think you know Isabelle from Instagram already, you most definitely don't. I mean I'm fully aware insta' shows only 2% of our lives, but can we please re-introduce Isabelle Mathers because her personality shines with the whole Youtube thing.

For a girl that's always got her model-face on for the 'gram, she actually never stops smiling IRL. You can tell she's the type of girl that sings her words instead of speaking them, and someone that can light up a room with their presence.

Watching Isabelle's vlog lowkey gave me nostalgia for the old school Tammy Hembrow videos. There I said it, the ultimate compliment. 

Especially when Izzy began explaining her outfits in the mirror, it almost felt like I hit my head and woke up in 2017 again when pre-famous Tammy was pointing out those Fashion Nova fits—take us back.

Isabelle's first vlog is 18 minutes long, and with no timestamp in the comments (real Youtube addicts know) sometimes you want a little bit of a brief before you commit 18 minutes of your life to a video. 

You'll see a behind the scenes of content creation for IG, how to make the perfect coffee at home, her sister Olivia makes an appearance, a quick look at Izzy's workout routine, some unreal OOTD's and where to shop them, plus a little lip lining tutorial. Thank me later.

Watch the vlog below + follow Isabelle across social media using @IsabelleMathersx