She DJ's, she models, and she's a travel junkie - ex clubhouse member Charly Jordan is seriously our kind of gal. The self-made beach babe born and raised in Vegas moved to LA over a year ago and has been busy creating endless amounts of content for the millions that view on her Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

ic: @CharlyJordan

Two years prior to starting her new life in LA, Charly was jet-setting all over the world. Expanding her horizons, adventuring into the unknown and growing through some serious life-changing charitable experiences to bring her followers attention to issues like third-world poverty. 

Charly explains it was watching the tropical-travel movies made by ex-couple Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren that went viral in 2016 are what inspired and pushed her to start making this fantasy her reality. 

ic: @CharlyJordan

Determined to break free, Charly shares in a recent Youtube video that she was raised Mormon, and halfway through her senior year stopped practising the religion. Her desires were to step away from the idea of who she was to pursue who she wanted to be. 

Charly shares: "I just love taking pictures and making videos, I started off four years ago in high school doing road trips when I was living at home. I did road trips for a year, Utah the most beautiful place and incredible photographers. "

She continues: "I got up to 100,000 followers by the time I graduated high school, then I started flying places"

ic: @CharlyJordan

Fast forward a couple of years, it's clear Charly has successfully found a way to achieve her dreams of travelling the world fulltime.

ic: @CharlyJordan

Having a career in LA is no easy feat, but one that Charly Jordan has fortunately managed to navigate. From living with her ex in Santa Monica to filming after movies for EDC festival, it was meeting influencer Daisy Keech at the Challenger games that sparked her next chapter inside content creator paradise 'The Clubhouse'.

Charly states that due to her introverted personality, she never considered moving into a content house, yet, this all changed after Daisy approached Charly at the challenger games proposing her to at least try it out.

Shortly after discovering her bestie and notorious adrenaline junkie, Kinsey was set to move in, Charly says: "I visited once, and never wanted to leave."

ic: @Theclubhousebh

She continues: "I moved in at the beginning of quarantine, I was djing for everyone, we were making TikToks every day, it was amazing getting to know Isaac, Chase and the boys we all got along so well."

When quarantine rules started lifting in LA, things began to change for the clubhouse members. Charly shares: "When restrictions lifted, we started to look into our own business pathways but I'll always remain an alumni of the clubhouse"

The down to earth model is now on a personal mission to keep grinding independently, stepping closely into the entrepreneurial space with her recent launch of 'smoke rosesand continuing her passion of making music.

ic: @CharlyJordan

One of her fans supported her decision commenting: "Glad to see you're back to doing your own thing! Clubhouse was super cool but I definitely prefer the exclusively Charly content!"

For the rest of 2020 we can expect to see a lot more of Charly, and the behind-the-scenes of her ever-evolving career and travels closely on Youtube. 

You can find Charly using @CharlyJordan across social media.