If there’s one person we can rely on to keep it super real and raw with us when it comes to being an influencer, it’s got to be LA-based Model and DJ Chantel Jeffries.  

As your platform starts to grow it can quickly seem like your every move is suddenly being scrutinized by strangers and even IG trolls who assume they know you from just a few Instagram posts.

Being in the public eye isn't all that of an easy ride so today we're going to be sharing Chantel's best words of advice to all aspiring influencers out there.

ic: @Chanteljeffries

27-year-old Chantel has accumulated a huge 4.7 million followers since first breaking into the music industry in early 2018 as 'Ceejay the Dj'. Her career has taken her on one whirlwind of a journey growing from strength to strength and creating endless amounts of opportunities to travel across the globe. 

Chantel shares: "Tokyo is one of my favourite places I've travelled to, it's unique, inspiring and as a collective, feels so safe and clean"

ic: @Chanteljeffries

The self-confessed Rick and Morty fan-girl is nothing short of super woke. We look forward to any opportunity we can listen to Chantel articulate her outlook on the universe and beliefs on aliens-- she's the type of girl we can picture at parties who's probably sitting on the kitchen counter giving a serious talk about why you need to believe in yourself and your endless capabilities. She's an undeniable special soul, and her personality traits make total sense that her star sign is a libra.

Since COVID laws hit LA, all future shows and festivals for Chantel to perform at have been cancelled. But that hasn't stopped this brunette bombshell from streaming her own live shows to entertain her fans and jumping on the decks at friends parties. It probably helps to have a BF that shares the same passion for music too-- last month Chantel finally made things official with DJ Drew Taggert from The Chainsmokers who she's rumoured to have been dating since February.

ic: @Chanteljeffries

We can only imagine how epic that future collab will be. 

In a recent Youtube video, Chantel hinted at possibly creating an Only Fans. Well, every creator is doing it. Although Only Fans and uncensored content sites seem to be the next best thing, Chantel shared that she would be potentially using the platform exclusively to share more photos and updates from her cats. We'd definitely rate that content a solid 10/10-- Just another reason we absolutely adore her.

The topic that sparked a discussion was Chantel's take on the hardest parts of being an influencer. 

Living life on your own terms as an influencer on social media can seem like the ultimate goal. And from what we can see, it is, right? 

Just find a cute outfit, sit at the prettiest brunch spot, and snap the picture. 

Like anything, it's not always as it seems-- being a content creator can have it's downfalls too. 

ic: @Chanteljeffries

Chatting about some of the hardest aspects of being an influencer in the public eye, Chantel shares her thoughts with us:
"Being an influencer comes with a lot of responsibilities, you're going to hear a lot of people giving opinions without asking, and bring things to life that maybe you don't want to talk about."

So, with that in mind, what is Chantel's best advice for aspiring influencers?

She continues: "You have to be secure in yourself. Do not let these things get to you. Mental health is the most important thing; you have to find balance, take everything with a grain of salt, and not be defensive"

ic: @Chanteljeffries

You can find Chantel Jeffries on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter using @ChantelJeffries