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How To Style Sublime Shorts Like an Influencer

How To Style Sublime Shorts Like an Influencer

Vintage lovers, wya? This month we're seeing influencers far and wide across IG wearing these cool, playful 'Sublime' biker shorts-- a style statement that's going completely viral.

These flattering booty-shaping pieces combine the perfect amount of pretty and feminine vibes with a dash of rock'n'roll

The distinctive aesthetic make the brand Highrack Honey easily identifiable amongst a crowd of sustainable fashion labels. In 2017 the Melbourne-established label even landed a feature in fashion-empire Vogue Magazine, it's no wonder they're being adored internationally by some of our favourite social media personalities.

This week we're rounding up some of our fav sublime-looks by bloggers so far:

1.  @Reneeherbert_

2. @Alexandramccristal

3. @Heyjennq

4. @Amytheflower

5. @Chloe_langg

6. @Lilyeaston

7. @Starlettethynne

8. @Saskiateje

9. @Dom.overseas

10. @NatashaGardner_


Shop the look at + follow Highrack Honey across social media using @Highrack_

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