Bali Body ‚Äď it's essentially an Instagram filter, in a bottle and it's popping left, right and centre all over our Instagram feeds.¬†Not only is the satin-finish packaging of these products super¬†insta-friendly, but they¬†also have you completely covered for all your tanning needs. If you've ever contemplated how the¬†heck¬†you can¬†achieve that deep golden glow whilst maintaining hydrated skin, here's¬†the secret- Bali Body in your bag.¬†

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It's the brand that's trending as an influencers go-to tanning and skincare holy grail and its been this way since before we can even remember among an endless list of well-known models worldwide posing on sun-kissed beaches with their pretty pastel bottles of this vegan-friendly goodness. 

I know you're wondering- but what makes Bali Body so great when compared to other tanning brands? 

Well, not only are we a team of writers, but we are also experts when it comes to getting our responsible (drenched in SPF- always) tan on. Our discovery of Bali Body was way before the hype, and in fact was through their first collection of
 tanning oils, with their watermelon tanning oil being our ultimate summer essential to help us achieve the deepest darkest tan.

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Bali Body is the summer must-have for a bronzed goddess tan. Their collection of 6 oils are a combination of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil-- all of which will intensify your tan while together hydrating your skin. Their unique formula also includes vitamin E which is perfect for preventing UV damage to the skin. Even when you’re not heading into the sun, these will work great as a daily body oil and to make the skin feel so soft and smooth. 

Years have passed since their initial release of tanning oils, and we've seen these babes expand their range of products to now include self-tan, face tanning water and even cosmetics.

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If you're craving a bronzed look without running the risk UV damage or you're simply not in a summery location right now, then Bali Body has you covered all year round whatever the weather with their Gradual Tan & Self Tanning Mouse products. We love that this mousse holds a lightweight formula that is fast drying, leaving us with literally zero streaks. Enriched with natural ingredients such as coffee seed and pomegranate to help hydrate the skin, these winter alternatives will leave a great fresh scent- goodbye to the days of the biscuit-smelling fake tans! 

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One of our ultimate Bali Body favs is the BB Cream, and we are die-hard fans. This one by Bali Body is a great lightweight alternative to regular foundation with added SPF15 has become a huge game-changer in the makeup world for aiding healthy and plump skin. Unlike many other BB creams that tend to clog up the skin easily, this one leaves it with a beautiful smooth dewy-glow. It's a summer vacay must-have you can quickly apply with your fingers ready for those après-swim dinners. With added ingredients such as green tea, ginseng, and hyaluronic acid you can feel confident that your skin is rejuvenated as you wear it.

Let's be real- it's 2020 and practising as a sustainable brand has become more important than ever. This is where Bali Body is able to rise above other tanning brands providing the ever-lasting feel-good factor by producing environmentally-conscious goods locally in their home of Australia. Created with all-natural ingredients, being reef-safe and only testing on their own Bali Babes, never on animals. We can assure you, it's worth the hype.

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